a love bigger than me

Eight years ago I saw the most beautiful little girl come into this world and my life changed like I never thought it could.

First of all I used to be scared out of my mind that I would be a terrible mom…guess God could smell my fear. He made me a Godmommy instead so I could practice and see :)

I can remember being with my girl britt throughout her pregnancy and how scared and excited I was rushing from KU (I flew out my dorm room and was off) to the hospital 45 minutes away…She was born and I was the first to hold her and she looked up at me and I swear she knew exactly who I was. I fell deep for the little bundle in my arms.

“My child” as I call her wants to go to KU some day, she wants to be a writer (you know that one made my heart spill over with pride) and she’s as sweet as a spring day. Our lives mirror each other in a really eery way so I feel even more privileged and honored to be her Godmom.

One time when she was little she tried to shorten my name (I shortened my mom’s name to Mo so this made sense to me…) and called me “god” lol…Nothing’s changed…she amused me to no end when she was a baby and she continues to do so now.

Days like today make living so far away hard but maybe that’s a good thing for her lol…Who would want some older lady hovering over you all day kissin and huggin you in an embarrassing way? Yes, I’ve become THAT woman.

Happy Birthday W.S.M.P. lol (still mad at your mother for all those gosh darn names) You’re loved to the infinite power.


  1. Awww, happy birthday, WSMP! She's beautiful, and I swear she has some of your genes. :)

  2. that was lovely u two look adorable maam


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