life rut

warning: you're in for a rant...

it doesn't matter how good my day started out. doesn't matter that i woke up and had a delightful morning in pasadena. i scoped out a new restaurant i wanna take my girl j to when she comes to visit...doesn't matter that i got to listen to three really entertaining and interesting stories on npr about things i would have never known about otherwise...doesn't even matter that i spent some time at that cute little british coffee shop in my neighborhood drinking some blended thing...

all of that was wiped to smithereens...all because of a baby shower.

yes my friends. i know every one, well men anyways, assume girls live for those things but if you don't or never have had a kid, if you're not married, heck if you're not dating all a baby shower does is remind you even more that you're indeed an L 7. so you kind of loathe matter how much you love the lady with the bump and the daddy to still hate the stupid things.

well at least i do. i'm getting so grouchy because i wasted my whole day at one. i was supposed to go hiking and work off the crap i've been dealing with from that gnarly audition and because i knew i was going hiking i ate the food at that party...drank my 500 calorie whatever drink at the british coffee shop...and then the party ended as the sun went hike. no running period because i'm a girl and we're not supposed to do that kind of thing in the valley. stick with the fat kid...

right about now i wish i was married...and not just due to the baby shower..i need to marry a plastic surgeon that can suck the fat right out and make me's called a life rut. i'm in a life rut.


  1. Baby showers bring out the worse in me too. I'm anti-baby showers. I don't even like shopping for the makes me queasy. When you marry the plastic surgeon tell him your friend in Texas needs the back fat sucked out of her.

  2. I totally understand about the baby shower! For many years I absolutely loathed them. People don't understand that for some of us showers are just a horrible reminder of what we won't/can't have! Thankfully now they don't bother me nearly as much--I can sit back and look at the cute gifts and be thankful that it's them and not me!

  3. oh honeybunny, even though i'm married and all that, i hear ya. life ruts blow. i was in a long one a while back until i started going to acupuncture... but just remember, a rut is a depression, which implies that on both sides are higher ups!!!

    love ya

  4. aj i got your back lol...literally!

    kjl that's so good to know it gets easier

    elizabeth that is a freaking awesome way to look at the situation!

    i love 'em lots

  5. I'm pretty sure there's nothing fun about showers. They're tolerable until the point where they go over my 1.5-hour time limit. I went to one that lasted four, and NOTHING SUCKS THE LIFE OUT OF YOU MORE, no matter where you are in life. :)


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