a hot water test

I’m the queen of worrying, freaking out, being extra if you will…heck I’ve made an art form out of my ability to stress but today I can not do this.

The economy is scary as heck right now. Last night I sat with b and her sis cutting out images for an art project and discussed the state of our world as we know it. b said the now cliché statement, “be thankful you have a job” and I knocked ever so delicately on her dining room table and moved on to grey’s anatomy banter.

I should have knocked harder.

Today I came into work and a crowd was standing near my desk. My one homie that I talk to quite often told me to look at my email…that’s never good my friends. I did…and there in bold were the words I would have dreaded if I would have ever even considered it to be a possibility…my boss, my life force and sanity shaker in this department is bailing.

Talk about your heart dropping down.

I immediately cried, started freaking about my job security (whenever a boss leaves in such a manner it’s never good for the dept that’s left behind.) and froze…shut down. went bye bye.

It couldn’t last long though. At the end of the day I’m all I have and I’m the only one looking out for my belly and bank account so I started my job search…I’ve sent about thirty jobs to my personal email account. I’m going to find a new job and make it work…I’m not going to freak out and lose control.

I’ll be the first to admit that I believe my life is failing to meet my expectations but like my best bud j always tells me, “sometimes you just have to say the soup is cold and do something about it”.

There’s no time for self pity, there’s no time for one to emotionally freeze…like a tea bag, I’m about to show my true flavor now that I’ve been put in some hot water.


  1. Black Friday man...I heard they just closed a mag at my company. It's tough times, yo, but there are jobs out there. Especially one waiting to snatch your talented self up!


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