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is it possible that i wrote too soon?

while my weekend date may have started off on a good foot it went drastically downhill shortly after i wrote that darn last blog. friends what you are about to read should be considered a date worthy of going down in the books as one of my worst dates ever...

dramatic pause.

so without sensationalizing the events i can tell you with utmost honesty that this guy tried EVERYTHING in his power to show me i was merely boo boo on his shoe.

list of boo boo's in question:

#1. he made me drive. not only did i drive the three hours down to san diego but he gave me the honor of driving him around for hours in diego. i calculated that i drove 87 miles that day with him. driving included our site seeing and a visit to his buddy's house so that his bud could talk disrespectfully about a woman. nice...

#2. i told him i'm a morning person but would try to sleep in so he wouldn't be up a the crack of dawn...i also told him i get hungry quickly after waking up...ole boy didn't 'feel' hungry until noon. i ate breakfast around 1:30 pm. i understand we're on different schedules but do you understand what it means to be a good host? respectful? AND i'm hypoglycemic dang it.

#3. all morning, through all of the drive to the breakfast joint, all the time waiting to be seated and while seated at restaurant boy talked on phone with buddies about football. (i love the stuff but i think it becomes a lame obsession and personal defect when it gets in the way of basic social interactions) every time he would ask me a question and i'd begin to answer he'd say "hold on one sec" and take a call. WHAT $@#$I@)+!!!

#4. breakfast check comes...he sits there and looks at me. oh my bad! i'm paying? i didn't realize...let me get that for you dear sir. yes...i paid. he said a meek thank you as we were leaving...while he was on the phone with his bud.

#5. we agreed to watch the usc game but this meant going up to his training facility with one of his watching the game and texting friends ridiculously because i was appauled...he played ping pong with his boy for three me some free food from his cafeteria (that i believe gave me food poisoning).

#6. talked to him about his behavior later in the night...he gave me some lame excuse about how if he talks about himself and opens up the girl will want to conform and become the person he wants in his he doesn't. hmmm...where do i find these kinds of head cases?!

#7. i leave early in the morning. i text him when i get home saying i made it response.

and i'm done! picture if you will me at a podium...political thumb hand motion as i say the following:

7 boo boos that help the cause... 7 boo boos that stir tish to change and help her decide once and for all that she knows what she wants, that ain't it and she's not going to take it anymore!!!

this message has been approved by the citizens of marriage. i'm an intelligent girl but my dating adventures have been far from smart...all this practice betta make nice! i'm trying to find something great in a sea full of blah....God help me.


  1. u sure this wasn't an episode of hell date?! lol

  2. always funny when married folk find my dating nightmares entertaining. lol i've found my nitch in the world.

  3. LOL man up and stop being so picky woman
    have good weekend jones

  4. man up?!'ve had some boo boo dates i can tell lol...tsk tsk tsk


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