below the belt

so we all know election time gets nasty...i just erase my republican friends' emails...don't even read the mess but today i received an apology for myself and my mother from a friend of the family...which obviously made me want to hunt down the original email and read it. it was racist...was making fun of barack obama's mom, whatever whatever i can deal with emails like that...what i can't take is getting them from folks that have known me my whole life and who i consider to be like family.

i called my mom crying because that's what i do and she made it all better...applauded my civil response and sent me along my way.

racism aside does anyone else feel like this campain period is getting to be too much? why can't people stick to the political issues...why are we so focused on who's a pig with lipstick, who's preacher said what, blah blah blah...why why why?!

i want them to stick to the boring issues lol...i want the debates to put me to sleep...i want to hear stuff about the budget, giving precise facts like i used to hear in my debate class. i want them to stick to the issues because all the stuff involving baby mama's, skin color, gender bashing, etc is getting a bit old. maybe ask the question wwwd. (what would washington do) would washington have sat there and lied through his wooden teeth about so and so's baby mama drama with slave #2? i think not.

all of this back and forth is below the belt...and i don't wanna take it anymore!


  1. Ditto, babe!

    The whole process is just a media frenzy...and it almost seems like it's worse than the last election. I didn't think that was possible...

  2. I'm so so with you, Tish. I can't handle it anymore. It makes me sick to my stomach every time I turn on the TV. I truly believe that Obama is trying hard to stick to the issues, but every other second he's having to defend himself against some new and even more ridiculous allegation. I just pray that the American people can see through the farce that this election has become.

  3. I totally agree. I am so pissed about McCain stealing Obama's message right now I could scream. And it makes me want to scream more that people are believing him!
    P.S.- You have REPUBLICAN friends? :) ha!

  4. lol it's hard but yes. it's what happens when you stay friends with the folks you've known since's a tricky tricky thing


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