What's in a Name?

I don’t know what’s up with all of my romeo & Juliet references lately but just work with me for a bit.

So, like half of the population, I have always hated my full name. If it wasn’t too big, it was too fancy, if it wasn’t too fancy it was hood sounding…but all of that changed today, 27 years after my mom switched up Ryan Nicole for LaTisha Che’nelle...I, Miss Tish, think my full name is pretty darn cool.

Why, you ask? The other day at Jinky’s with B we stumbled upon an actress that we know we had seen in countless 80’s flicks but couldn’t pin point…so today B remembers and searches for the lady on IMDB.com and whaddya know…She finds Kristy McNichol…the actress who played “Leticia ‘buddy’ Lawrence” on a tv show my mom loved as a young’in. I grew up hearing about this "buddy" character and how cool she was but I never really latched on to the idea...I couldn't get passed the darn "Latissue" taunts I kept receiving from kids at school. It’s crazy seeing someone just chillin in a restaurant and you know that someone loved them enough to name their frickin kid after them.

If I ever see that woman again I’ll make sure to tell her thank for the name : )
Never thought I’d ever say that!


  1. I love that. Did you tell your mom you saw her? What are the odds...

  2. heck yeah...called her in tears. full circles are a beautiful thing!


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