a weekend with my family

letter from the ombudsman: some of you lovely little nosy rosies are really trying to figure out who mr actor is and it is not eriq la salle lol...ha! that would be pretty darn funny though. he was just a nice complimenter...lol sigh

ok so the weekend got two thumbs up. kate, my lovely cousin, came down to my other cousin shell's place at the beach so friday i hopped in my car after work, ran home and packed a small bag and then headed off, ipod blaring, for my mini vacation.

the one thing that resonated all weekend long was how much i loved the company surrounding me. my cousins are seriously fun as heck and shell's friends never leave a gal bored...we laughed, danced, drank, grubbed, sunned at the beach, watched a chick flick and i couldn't have been more happy. it was a good escape from the last two weeks of work and no play.

there's something surreal about hanging with people that have known you your whole life ...it's the kind of "you get me" that is hard to explain...it's just oh so lovely. weirdly enough, EVERYONE we met over the weekend thought kate and i were sisters...my sisters and i look NOTHING alike so it was kind of fun to pop in and out of places with her this weekend. i'm posting some pics below...ya'll be the judge:

kate & me

elaine and our new friends
(aka lunch)

twin sandwhich

shell bustin' a move

g luv

sigh...feeling the saki right about now

cousins : )

beach time

shell was actually trying to get the folks behind me being naughty

goofs all night long


  1. I can see the sister thing . Especially if you guys were all being goofy together! (Which from the pics, I'd say yes. hehe.)

  2. looks lioke a great time folk, the smiles say it all

  3. Don't you love fam? So great you are close to each other!


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