the last couple of days have been life changing and inspiring.

first of all, how can one not be inspired by the speeches we've all heard from those at the democratic national convention. i have just returned from a business trip which consisted of seeking out a tv so that might be able to listen, to call home to my roommate so that i could watch...glued to the tv as much as possible, i couldn't get enough of the energy blaring from my screen. there's something historical happening to america...whether those scared to change care to admit, something's happening . the optimistics of the world are rejoicing in the fact that people can and will get sick of "dooms day to all" mentalities...there are more anne franks in the world than people once thought...people can get up and demand goodness. i love the political climate right now...can't get enough of it!

i just mentioned my business trip which was a life changing moment indeed. i'll be the first to admit i had a sour puss cloud hanging out above my head in regards to the whole idea of my bosses sending me on a trip. i could flip every reason why they chose me into something negative and was pouting days beforehand. it was a great trip though. after my first meeting went well and i unpacked my belongings into the cool arse hotel room my company picked for me to stay in something changed. i realized that my bosses trusted my competence and professionalism to get the job done. i'm always myself...i was still goofy and ridiculous during my meetings but my colleagues and i got the job done and i felt pretty darn ok with tootin' my horn at that point. the perks of going on a business trip aren't bad either! you're compensated for everything, i got a chance to bond with the folks i traveled with (you haven't experienced life until you've sat in an airport with your boss rating good looking men!) and meet some fun new people.

i got the chance to visit chele and beej while i was up there too.

the lovely couple that they are, they drove an hour to see me and took me out to this amazing restaurant in walnut creek called "maria, maria". i had some of the best mexican food i've ever shoved in my mouth, drank a sangria marguerita that lulled me a wonderful romantic trance and enjoyed some of the best conversation with my two pals i've ever had. they're both professors and always have these brilliant ideas and this time they had some that could possibly help me in my acting career. (have i ever mentioned it's great having smart friends?)

when i finally got into that huge uber comfortable bed last night i couldn't help but giggle at my good fortune. i felt content and at that moment i was floating in some good ole fashion bliss.

as i was drifting off to sleep a good friend of mine, this amazing dancer, texted to let me know she had just moved to hollywood and couldn't wait to hang. i was of course excited out of my mind to know a friend had moved out here but then a short pang of sadness hit...we met the week before i moved out to la. she could see my passion and fire for acting and my dream and knew i would do what i spoke of so confidently. hearing from her was a reminder that i haven't done much since moving out here but it only lasted for a brief moment. i think she's the perfect person to light a fire under my butt to propel me into action. her life and passion for dance is mad inspiring and so once again a friend has come along and saved a wee part of me.

life's hard but i'm definitely collecting all of the lessons, realizations, friends and experiences for something bigger than myself. nothing will be in vain : )


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