i love seeing the potential in my friends.

i had short conversations with a couple of them today that i'm really thankful for...one friend spoke to me of her current tugs of the heart and how hard it is after a break up, one friend and i discussed ascending and the voice one must possess in order to get that kind of ball rolling and yet another spoke of the excitement one experiences when the universe decides to be kind.

all of those conversations left me with this feeling of pride...i just want those individuals to know that i see them...i see friend a's potential to love in the best kind of ways with someone that deserves it. (she's not a compromiser and knows she's fly...tugs will come and go...her spirit will keep her walking on sunshine) i see friend b's career aspirations as a reality. (the gal has a great brain and the gumption needed for success.) friend c, has been dealing with strife for years, always remaining patient, always hopeful and the ish is finally paying off. (she's worked so hard to make a life for her and her loved ones and now she's about to see the fruits of her labors.) she couldn't contain her excitement today and it was great being in her path...soaking all the positive energy up.

when i got home this afternoon i watched the documentary, "the black list" that i had recorded and was blown away for the second time. it's great! watch it! all these amazing people discussing what they did with their potential...

so many great quotes and ideas, funny quips...but most importantly, so many great inspirational living, breathing realities to listen to and learn from.

my favorite professor from college used to always say, "god gave us two ears and only one mouth for a reason". today was a good day to listen and acknowledge some good ole fashioned potential.


  1. So now you get to list your potential... :D

  2. : ) you both are great. i just love to hang on to the old truth that one can judge another's character based on the friends they keep...if i'm even a smidge of them then i'm good. :)


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