a night of sisterhood

My body is moaning some major slave hymns today…

When will I bees free?

Lol…I dinged my omm chimes this morning in hopes of starting the day with peace. We’ll see if it works. I’m so ready to find a place where I can be at peace, free from stressful work tasks, sneaky guys and bad folks all around…that doesn’t involve being six feet under!!!

I attempted the normal life (which is why my body happens to moan this morning). b and I decided we’d defy the natural order of “work like slave, go home, sleep, do it all again” and go see a movie and grab a bite to eat.

We hit up winks, this weird little restaurant where each table houses a computer for you to order your food on and play games…we had a hootin’ good time playing pictionary together (I still don’t understand why it took her two minutes to recognize that my picture of hair falling out and then an arrow pointing to the piece of hair was a “track”) our flick of choice was “the sisterhood of the traveling pants” which ended up being brilliant for two buds on a Wednesday night. it was really sweet and chick-perfect…there was one really hard part about one of the girls dealing with the death of a parent…luckily for me I have a wonderful best friend who immediately grabbed my hand. I don’t know if you all get just how significant it is to have someone that knows your sensitive spots like b knows mine…I think that was one of the most touching dang gestures I’ve ever witnessed and totally helped the tears stop once the scene was over. The movie was emotional yes, but even better it totally re-inspired us to go to italy. She doesn’t know it yet but next may j will be joining b and I in italy for b’s 30th birthday : ) after seeing 4 girls kick it in Greece, bonding ridiculously it’s only right that we frickin find the cash to head across the big pond.

Fittingly, miles davis’ “move” just popped up on my shuffle. I never argue with sweet coincidences.


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