hermosa beach part III

yesterday i made a toast with b on a pier near a beach...

we gave cheers to being able to spend countless times together and never growing tired...anniversary number 3 went down in the books.

yesterday was amazing. b and i started out the day with a little jinky's, this great breakfast joint i like to pop into with friends from time to time. we grubbed and talked and talked some more, played coo face with babies and then moved on to the next spot--the grove

the grove is this great little la oasis...you're driving through the streets of construction and rock band flyers on building sides, eye sores abound, when you get to this little island of shopping and pretty people. we window shopped, snacked on yummy stuff at the french market and then went and saw "vicky christina barcelona" (yes i had to see it again) where i watched b fall in love with the film like i had. we had a blast discussing the characters and the idea of a man like "juan antonio"...sigh.

we ate a cupcake, had some coffee yumminess and then walked around a bit more before heading to hermosa..the place where we went for our first best friend celebration.

there's a taco stand that is a must on a trip to the beach--tito's tacos down off the 405. so we stopped, got two greasy big tacos with the best salsa in the world, took pictures that lead to b nicknaming me "tish ferritt" and held our stomachs from all the laughing. life was definitely enjoyed and just kept getting better and better.

hermosa is and always will be this beautiful spot where folks have no worries. people walk the beach paths in the late evening, people in wet suits play among the waves on boogie boards, men and their sons fish along the pier and people just exist outside...lol may sound a bit simple but the valley is HOT. lol you don't go outside unless you absolutely have to. we just walked and snapped photos and soaked up beach life (and some clammy skin from the air). we ate at sangria, our favorite little spot, and drank our lovely little pitcher for hours on end, chatting with folks from time to time. after 10 the restaurant turns into a club so we danced and danced lol...and danced some more. i've never perspired that much but we met the best people to make the night as great as it was...

there was this guy named trey, this beautiful asian black guy and his hilarious wing man, eugene (a spry guy who had the ability to drop it like it's hot and speed dance around b until the point of dizziness), levi and jennifer--these amazing dancers that had b and i doing a foursome dance thing (don't know what to call that mess)...that left b and i blushin! a guy i went on two dates with (and then never called again--aka "the bell") showed up too...talk about deliciously awkward. i kept seeing him through out the bar, trying his hardest to avoid my stare...lol...all the ladies reading this know how horrible that whole scenario can be. by the end of the night he came over (reluctantly after he caught me shaking my head in disapproval at the unfortunate looking girl he was trying his hardest to look interested in)...we did the awkward "how ya been? good good" and i went about my way...how unfortunate though...he was a handsome HANDSOME man but his social skills weren't so hot

b met a couple of folks...one named d'angelo that had me giggling (her guys are always characters) and we closed the night.

we both agreed hermosa is the perfect get away when you just want to celebrate life...and that we definitely did. it's a known fact i can't sleep in, no matter how late i go to bed, so i'm a little bruised in the brain right now but it was worth it. i love packing my life with rich interesting moments...times where pretense and self awareness fly out the door and you're just living...absorbing and reacting, reacting and absorbing.

that's my kinda anniversary. thank you b...for 3 lucky lucky years!


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