"give me my sin again"

i don't know about romeo's speeches for a woman clearly destined for doom, but i'm all for paragraphs of admiration for the things in life that make our worlds smile. i got some pains in my side that alone, aren't really that much but gosh darn it if they all didn't snow ball at once...so much stress and not a darn place to drop it and go. or is there?...

sometimes life's stresses pick at me like a tiny tattoo gun needle and i can't seem to shake the numbing side effects. sometimes, when i'm on the brighter side of things, i focus on more aesthetically pleasing things...takes the edge off.

aesthetically pleasing things of the day:

1.) this yummy scrumptious whey protein mix i got from gnc (thanks to my cuz, kate). it is a yummy caramel flavored morsel of heaven that i use as a meal supplement...although i couldn't wait for the dishwasher to finish cleaning the blender thingy so i ate before and then had the shake and now i feel like the blob part III. at least i know for tomorrow though, right!?

2.) the hills...the show is back on and while i should hate it royally i can't help but wish i could be whitney or l.c. just for one day...maybe a year : ) there's just something about gals that have pretty clothes and pretty careers and pretty dramas while living a pretty life. i dream of pretty.

3.) miles davis "shades of blue". i blog about the album all the time. if someone went through and counted they'd think i had issues but it's just that good. today i came home from a hard day of work, took off my dress, fell into some comfy sweats, put my hair up and put on some miles...it don't get any more chill than that people!

4.) book gifts...a friend let me borrow this great little book that has all of these amazing quotes on spirituality and living life. it paints the most beautiful pictures and gives simple metaphors for why certain things need to happen in our lives.
sweet explanations...ahhhhh

now life feels better. i'm about to pop in my netflix for the week and go out with a bang.

at this point in the day i could totally walk away with a "i heart beer" let down tattoo and be good...lol thank goodness for whey protein and pretty things!


  1. Wow, look at you miss protein powder. :) Sounds delicious.

    Oh, and I secretly watched the Hills premier. I'm bad, too. hehe.


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