finding that frequency

ru paul mentioned being on someone's frequency and i kinda dug the idea.

it makes you wonder if your life is on the same frequency of your heart, your dreams, etc. even more of an does one know what frequency they're even on?

i may not know what waves i ride specifically but i know i'm not on the right one as of late. work blows, my modeling agent asked me yesterday if my resume was really that sparse and work blows lol. it's so bad it had to be written twice. it's crazy how your job can consume your life...when you come home and fall on your bed/couch/whatever and can't even imagine getting back up you know something's wrong.

yesterday it felt so good to apply for a new job. i found one at a university that seems really cool. i'd be the assistant in a tv, film and radio department...kinda right up my alley wouldn't you say? plus my hours would be way shorter without a severe pay cut. i have bills galore but i think i would sacrifice a bit more, maybe purchase a couple more ramon noodle packs to get my life back to a frequency i could ride with.

so that's what's given me back a little bounce in my step. my little glimmer of hope...wrapped up in yet another job...maybe a bit closer to the industry i prefer. my fortune cookie says, 'the change you started already have far-reaching effects. be ready."

sigh...I'M READY DAMN IT! i couldn't be more ready...i'd like a plate of ready with a side of ready and a little ready for dessert. i'm ready!


  1. Just stopping by to say hi... so hi... :D

  2. I hope the new job comes though for you! Even if it doesn't, the right job will come along soon!


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