the dating chronicles

ahhhh the dating chronicles of my life.

how i love the men that find me. i ask myself, "self, what are you puttin out there into the universe to get the type of guys you're getting?" and my self replies back, "i don't know sister but your fav game may end up being 'old maid' some day".

so the first night of the film festival i met an actor at the opening night party. (i can tell you this story now that i've squashed communication) he's a handsome guy that was charming and intelligent to boot so i said why not and gave the guy my number. he called me that night and we talked about meeting up for a date once he returned from a 2 week trip and everything seemed cool and interesting. i haven't really been inspired to date lately...nothing's really rocked my boat but he (we'll refer to him as mr actor) seemed like someone you could have a good honest and sincere conversation with...

everything seemed cool and then today happened.

the guy started sending weird texts that led me to raise the red flag. so me being the good journalist that i am, i got on the internet and decided i'd google the lad...find out if there was any dirt on mr star and LOW AND BEHOLD i found a gang of information (and pictures) of him and his lovely wife who i favor just a little bit (little bit) and there THREE children : )

lol...can i PLEASE say i'm officially done dating? married friends hug your spouses tight and thank them for not being a schmuck.

fellow single ladies never listen to what a man says...just watch what he does.

i think i should have been born some sort of animal that produces without the help of sperm.

highs for the day (yes i actually had them) :

1.) going to pasadena for my spa day...yes i know i usually do this on weekends but mine have been sort of busy so i did it today and the zen came out and all was right with the world...and my eyebrows!

2.) a woman i work with gave me this chime with an om symbol. i hung it above my bathroom door in my bedroom hallway...i've brought peace to my room :)

complete side bar quote that made me happy:

The self is made, not given. It is a creative and active process of attending a life that must be heard, shaped, seen, said aloud into the world, finally enacted and woven into the lives of others.
—Barbara Myerhoff


  1. ACK!! Thank God for Google and investigative journalism skills!!

    P.S. I miss our Bachelorette chats! lol.


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