beautiful intentions, hilarious mistakes

I’m sorry but I could dish out a million lessons based off of the movies I’ve watched. Take nanny mcphee for instance (don’t hate). This haggard looking woman comes into this group of brothers and sisters’ lives and helps them become this group of lovely brits by movie end…every time the children learn something about themselves and their family one of the nanny’s haggard distinctions disappear…a wart, some weight, frizzy hair lol…please just take a simple lesson and don’t analyze the heck out of the darn thing (or this blog for that matter). The point is seeing beautiful intentions in someone can be beautiful…you start to see the chick or gent in a new light.

I love when I find out someone’s purpose for doing something. I of course look for bits of noble and if I find them then my soul glows a bit.

I don’t know how noble my volunteer work is for the film festival this week but I did think of something interesting based off of my intentions. I so wanted to leave on Saturday…they had us doing back breaking work that left me weak and mindless. I wanted to stop so bad but then I had a thought. I hoped that someone wouldn’t putter out on me at the first signs of hardship…and for that reason I kept working like a slave. Is it a beautiful intention? I don’t know but I’d like to think so lol.

Work has been boo boo (and kept me from this blog no doubt) but I had a funny ha ha moment today that caused me to smile for the first time in a really long time. thought I’d share.

So I was obviously shaken by the earthquake…today I’m sitting at my cube and I feel the ground start to shake again. I immediately grab for my desk and start wiggin out, moaning…the works and then I look over at my cubby buddy and I shout “What is that?!”. right as I do this a person walks by us that is a little on the heavy side. My cubby buddy figures out that tish screaming + panic on her face + person walking by are all connected and starts laughing hysterically lol….oh my gosh I can’t even type this without cracking up. my apparently wound up self needs a major chill pill yo!

The panic stricken face alone is enough to send me to the ground holding my stomach…sigh. oh tishy..

No earthquake ya’ll….just a hilarious mistake.

This week is gonna be crazy. lets hope I meet some people who have beautiful intentions for my acting career!


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