turtle power

I just finished watching this amazing little video of these baby turtles doing what mother nature demands of them…they squooch their little bodies across the beaches and plop into the water. ya gotta check it out.

I know it’s cheesy but I teared up a bit. There’s something inspiring about a tiny little thing conquering something as great as the ocean. Lets all apply this to tishy and her great big hopes and dreams of one day being in a stupendous film.

Now you see why I teared? Inspiration comes in all forms and colors…not surprising something green helped me along my way.

A buddy of mine was yapping with me yesterday about how I’m finally just now starting to utilize the city and try to make connections (tiny ones but goodies) and after the conversation I just had with my girl E I’d have to say the steps are getting crazier and crazier.

I will be attending a playboy mansion party soon where I can network to my little heart’s content. If you have good ways in which I can casually tell entertainment hotshots to make my dreams come true let me know. I’m open to all suggestions. : )

and I thought my blog didn’t offer any new and juicy material... Mwahahahaha

it’s so cool. I’m giddy with anticipation. I’ve got b eating egg whites chanting “playboy mansion body” over and over (she’s my date for the event) and I’m saying no to processed sugar for the rest of the week and weekend…this is HUGE considering I’m about to go to sacramento this weekend to visit my play sis and her hubby. We always eat the best yummy but naughty foods. Sigh…behave tishy. it's worth it though...

Bunnies could be the way to turtle nirvana!!!


  1. I think if I was going to the mansion I wouldn't eat at all. ha! I've got farther to go than you do, though! SO exited for your 'networking opportunity'! What are you going to wear? :)

  2. girl...something FABULOUS DAWLING! lol...

  3. Maybe you should go to Zumba to prepare? Work on your sexy dance moves along with toning? No?

    So excited for you!!!


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