they make the world so

writing's been a tricky and allusive activity for me as of late. my muses have been on vacation i think but i'm feeling a little inspiration tonight...reflecting on the weekend's always possible so here goes.

always start with comfort...favorite over-sized kansas sweatshirt? check. comfy boxer shorts? check. green tea, adele playing in the background and silenced crackberry phone? check and then some. alright...

first and foremost the weekend wasn't long all. when i was a kid i remember weekends being somewhat magical...they lasted for days on end it seemed and every weekend morning was filled with infinite possibilities. i woke up this saturday feeling that way. i got up early enough to appreciate the early morning rays, watched some shows i've had recorded for weeks, read some and then my girl b came over and things just got betta and betta...

time with b is always great. sisters united in goofiness, we can't help but heehaw where ever the wind takes us. we saw a really bad movie yesterday and laughed hysterically at our bad luck, got dolled up and met up with some guys for a house party, had fun times talking with new folks and then came home and giggled until the point of exhaustion and passed out cold. these are the weekends that i never want to end. today i hung with miss e and it was more of the same. i love hanging out with my buds. they're all so interesting in the best of ways and they seriously make my world a better place. we apartment shopped for a bit and then she joined me for a friend's birthday party celebration down at this beautiful park.

that's where the muse came in. my birthday buddy gave this really moving speech thanking his friends and family...had me in tears. it's so great being in the same space with a friend when they're lovin' life to the fullest. the man was just pouring his heart out and at that moment i felt blessed to be there...i wonder if people realize how lucky they are when others invite them into their lives. we do it all the time (make friends that is). we make it seem easy, sometimes quite simple but at the end of the day, on the most basic of levels the relationships we cultivate are what make our worlds go round.

i love the people that help make my life something i can sit here and write about. i'm thankful that my noggin allows me to process appreciation for the people that bring endless lessons and i hope at the end of the day they all know that i think the world of them...ya kinda can't help it when they're the ones that make your world so.


  1. nods head at the writing struggle some days...

    I have a deadline to nail this morning, may I borrow yer muse?



  2. :)

    just reading along... nothing special other than stopping by and saying hey...


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