stone to silk

When did I become an adult? I’m sitting here sippin vitamin c stuff out of a coffee mug I received from the job and it just hit me that I’m another cog in the wheel…corporate America has become a part of my life. when did that happen?!?

As I type this I keep looking down at the cute kiddy jayhawk tattoo that refuses to wash off of my right hand and none of it makes sense. LoL

How can I be so all over the place (which to me is synonymous with being a kidult) and so grown at the same time? maybe this is where my mistakes come in…maybe if I had a better definition of what it means to be an adult I’d actually do it…right. : )

For the moment the only thing I’m interested in being is someone this quote applies to:

May you turn stone, my daughter, into silk.

May you make men better than they are.

Isn’t it just lovely?

I caught a cold yesterday…I was sitting at work and that nasty blah tired feeling started creepin’ in slowly. It’s trying to kick my arse today but that dang quote is imbedded in my brain. I just love the idea of being an agent for better… Might have to put that on hold until after I start functioning in society again though. hard to leave a trail of sunshine when my life force only has one bar flashing.

I guess I’ve never been a fan of the generic ‘adult’ terms so maybe I’ll treat adulthood like I do everything else…just take the parts I like and create my own persona of age. Who knows…

I plan to pay rent and possibly work in an episode of a new fav cartoon this evening. maybe questioning why we have to fit in an adult-size box is my “better” contribution today. who knows…


  1. Kidult...I like that. And, yes, definitely create your own persona of age.

    Remember: no role playing. ;)

  2. darn that tolle for being so brilliant!

  3. i guess since u sdecided to pay rent
    on time lol

  4. Feel better! This summer cold going around is horrible... I ended up with strep and a sinus infection. Hopefully I got all the bad luck and you'll just get the sniffles.


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