yes, there are less than perfect things circling around my life currently...a guy slammed into the back of me today in traffic (almost made me pee my pants), i yelled at a chick at work, i still have my cold BUT i have a smashing pumpkins mentality (not the rat in a cage stuff...more like today is the greatest day of the year kinda thing). i just have this lovely buzz of good's a magical delight...peep this out. i can change even the gnarliest of issues into good times...

guy slams my car and jolts my pee pee--this is an easy one. he didn't even leave a scratch on the car...not one bump. i laughed and put my hand high in the air for him to high five me. he looked bewildered as all get out...probably thought i was trippin on something but what ev. i totally eased that man's stress...why yell and holler if everyone (including my lovely kizzix) is dandy?

i yelled at a chick at work--the endorphins realized were good lol? bad tishy bad...if i'm gonna spin this one positive i'd have to say she knew she had hit a sensitve button and came up when i was leaving and gave me a hug..sick and all. forgiving and making up with folks is swell.

the cold--it gives me an excuse to chomp on ginger-a flavor i'm addicted to like you wouldn't believe and it seems to be working...i'm kickin this cold in record timing!

so yeah...i spin webs of lovely yo!

i'm about to take my arse to bed for a couple of hours, recharge my batteries and then head down to the beach to spend the weekend with my cuz and her peoples. i can see nothing better than spending the 4th in the just doesn't get much better than that.

whether you're single and anxious to mingle or already have a boo the 4th is the perfect time to see magic.

my gram wrote this for me in an email this morning. it's gestures like this that make the world a better place for me...and help fuel this surge of positivity i have going for me right now:

"I think that I will never see, a poem as lovely as a tree; a tree that lifts it's arms to pray......; for poems are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree." I feel really good inside, with a hugh abundance of pride; for someone who I love so dear, who's far away but yet so near; she's got that "something" that it takes, to make it big in another state; her beautiful smile is truly contagious, and her positive thinking mode? A plus indeed and it shows; a precious soul that God saw fit, to grace us with and make us stronger, happy, and savy; and if she holds on to her faith, she'll reap the laurels that await her; her dreams, prayers? Will all come true for God's promises are strong and true and he makes sure that the rewards are the best for you; and that someone who I love so dear? Her name is LaTisha, let me make that clear; love ya' sweetie, Gramma Marlene


  1. happy beach time.

    and let alll that other sh**, err, stuff :) go.


  2. I love your gram.

    And I love you.

    Happy fourth, babe! The high-five solves all. :)

  3. oh yeah lol...just dandy : )

  4. I mean to comment last week when I read this--you are awesome for making lemonade, my dear!


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