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i read and come across lovely words and phrases and i usually blog about the ones that stand out...they somehow apply to something blog worthy in my life and i scribble away but this week has left me stark raving loony so i just listed what i found...can't waste perfectly good brilliance!

i finished out the week like a good little girl. tonight i watched my good little show "project runway" and now i'm gonna take a good little trip with winkin, blinkin and nod to the land of zzz.

this whole week i felt like claire danes on "my so called life". she did a really good job of doing everything in this muted kind of way lol...if that makes sense. this week was like a quiet trembling of the mouth before the big cry. lol...i held it there in that little wrinkle below the lip like a pro. i made it through the mess though.

i can deal with this for now because it's not perm. i know in my heart that someone out there is just itching to scoop me up and make me their next protege character in some brilliant film.

until then...


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