opt for peace?

The week started out strong and exciting and is now back to normal (aka boring as all get out) but that’s the life I lead my friends. I think la rubs off on me from time to time but for the most part I live my life floating along the ripples of the big waves that hit every now and then.

So yeah. I’ve been an internal twit all week (meaning I’ve kept to myself and done a lot of thinking). I think this weekend will be no different. I plan to do a spa thing with two girlfriends from work, get an oil change, go to this beautiful
festival that will hopefully help me chill and mellow into something peaceful and possibly buckle under the pressure and see “dark knight”. This all seems so lovely and fulfilling…the perfect stuff to do on a weekend but I’ve been miss apathetic. Maybe this is the aftermath of successful playboy partying eh? lol

I’ve been in a nasty spirit though so that could have something to do with it. to prove this I share with you something I wrote to my girl j this morning:

i hate men! I hate them all and I just want them all to leave me alone. I wish I had a block on my phone that was testosterone sensitive. Then I’d have a message that they would receive, “good afternoon male. You have been rejected by tish. She hates the smell of your testosterone ridden drama she knows is eventually gonna come into the mix and she ain’t having it. just stay the heck away. back off you wanker!”

hee hee…

this may seem a bit harsh and volatile to some but it made me feel so much better once I got it out of my system ; ) sometimes I just get really sick of the games between men and women and I choose to opt out. this time I opt out with some gusto.

No more joan of arc complex…no more self sacrificing “it’s ok if you burn me” mentality…where I picked that up I know not but bring on the weekend of peace before everything goes up in a blaze!

I’m sorry…I usually hate to discuss my views on dating…no one wants to read the rantings of a cynic but it’s really bad and stupid out here lol...seriously!


  1. It burns! It buuuuuuurns!!!

    No more Joan of Arc for you. Just Tishy. Lovely, beautiful Tishy. :)

  2. you know my favorite part of that rant is: back off you wanker!

    Love it.

    Sometimes you just have to vent and get the drama pressure off your shoulders :)

  3. Just checking in... haven't been watching the blog lately, but hope all is okay...


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