old school

i'm sorry i just had to share. so my great grandma (aka granny) turns 89 tomorrow so i called her up after work to discuss the momentous occasion and she just went on and on about her new teeth she just got..how she hates to eat now...i told her to stop trying to act like a super model. we giggled and cracked jokes back and forth and then she asked the funniest ish...so i brought back b the last time i went to kansas city...how come my granny asks how my 'negro' friend is doing. lmao!!! kinda floored me for a bit. (this is my sista girl granny too by the way)

sigh...the woman had me rolling. i love talking to older folks and listening to their slang and how they see the world. seriously gives me the opportunity to see the world from someone else's perspective and i just love that.

it was the perfect conversation after a long day of work. (i battled the j.o.b. and came out on top by the way) i got praises from all my bosses and even the vice president for a job well done today but i'm still gunnin' for a new job lol...just because i do well under pressure doesn't mean a sista wants to be tested and put there. i think i learned some valuable lessons about myself this week...one being you gotta know when to blow and keep 'em wanting more!

thursday evenings are nice...i went in at 6:30 this morning and came out at 6 so i am fully enjoying doing absolutely nothing now.

tomorrow i have a date and then saturday i'm hanging with the mighty b. woo hoo 4th weekend!!!

this week started out so different from its ending. some things never change but i'm happy when the negatives do!


  1. I'm so in need of a weekend. lol.

    We survived the week!!!


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