one thing i've become pretty good at is taking the time to reflect and pay attention to all of the activities and events of my life...learn something from each one, grow, etc.

looking at the activities as one big lump is not something i've made a habit of doing and so sitting on the beaches of santa monica last night felt like the perfect time to do just that. my big theory? being single has helped me grow like i don't even know what. i still have hope that one day i meet someone that i can still continue to thrive with (learn and be new things) but for the moment i'm pretty darn happy with the cool things that have come my way and the interesting moves i've made.

i heard about this cool light art festival on npr so i hollered at my darling friend e and asked her to go with. it was amazing. there were art pieces scattered along the beach near the santa monica that you can't help but ponder. it stirred ways that people have always told me art should but somehow was never able to. i took a gang of pictures without a flash so sorry for the blurs but something about keeping the purity of that beautiful dance of lights spoke to me.

there was music everywhere. there was a HUGE rave of sorts on the actual pier with thousands of people grooving and bopping to the beats...pretty lights, the best kind of hippie incense aromas, funnel cakes, chai tea body is sore and i swear it's because i was under some sort of was a full moon so the grunion even got in on the action...people were lined up along the shore watching them flip about and mate was all so new for me...unlike anything i've ever experienced before. if you have the opportunity to go next year you really should. 7pm to 7am....kid you not. basically it was a good night for thought. i take these amazing chances when i'm free to create my own entertainment...i'm not paranoid or self conscious that another person may not enjoy what i've brought to the table...i just do and learn as i go. that's what up. an ex of mine was trying to get me to go to vegas for a day to hang...we ended up in a huge fight that left me looking crazy and him probably feeling whatever. as i walked along the beach, slinging sand in between my strides i thought about how different i would have felt if i would have just gotten on that plane. i would have been flippin lonely, ashamed, bored, confused...there's a reason exes are exes. instead i stayed in my world...and i glowed :)

the event

e joins me

i waited in line for an hour at this poetry art exhibit. you flash a light out to a sailboat and they ring back to shore, you pick up the phone and listen to a poem. would have been great if my poem wouldn't have been so flippin weird.

shine the light

what no woman should do on a saturday night...wait by the phone

like i said...the poem was weird man. something about judas...and feet, a bobble head...sigh

a night of light

one of the many pieces...rows and rows of lights in the sand for you to walk in and out of.


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