felt like a naughty cinderella

it's 1 in the morning and since i'm wired on sugared alcohol and energy drinks i figured i'd go ahead and blog while the memories are still fresh...i mentioned in a previous blog that i was going to the playboy mansion for an espy's party. that night was this night and boy was it a night.

rewind to earlier today:

so i was a nervous ball of goo the entire day. could hardly eat...was wired like i don't even know what but thankfully i made it through and had enough sanity to drive to my neighborhood, pick up some stuff for the beauty process and then head over to b's house to primp and prod.

i spent an hour trying to get rid of tan lines with those self spray tanners...for all the ladies out there wondering if they work...wondering if there really is a perfect place over the rainbow...i'm sorry to tell ya but they suck. i had some gnarly brown goo everywhere so i scrapped that idea and went for the dark bare minerals. that ish worked like a charm. the nerve balls in my gut calmed down and i was able to do the dang thing after that.

b and i had a blast getting ready...crackin' jokes and discussing our hopes for the night. this was all about networking for me and by golly did i do it! i'm proud of myself actually!

so we get to the place where the shuttle takes you and the butterflies came...in no time we were rounding the curve and looking smack dab at the mansion and the rest of the night was an awesome blur of fun. the place is smaller than what i thought...it looks like this huge sprawling land on tv...not so much but come on...is anything on tv NOT a disappointment in person?

so there's tons of great food, we grub on sushi, beef, chocolate covered strawberries, veggie chili and drink yummy cocktails the bar tender referred to as "the playboy martini"...it was all good but i saw tons of celebs that were skinny as heck so i wasn't grubbin like my usual self. lol...i fell prey to the pressure.

i can't even list all the cool peeps we saw BUT we did ride the shuttle with the guy from fantastic four (the human torch). he's much shorter than i expected...AND we chilled in a V.I.P. area with the cutie from "never been kissed"...i suck at names so just hang with me here...he was the main guy character/teacher.

anyways the first guy to approach ended up being really cool. he does stuff in the entertainment industry so we jibber jabbered for awhile. we're supposed to do lunch some time soon : ) midwestern gentle soul...gotta love 'em. he's got some great connects...after meeting him i was on cloud nine. (career wise)

then we met a chef from a pretty fancy schmancy restaurant here in la but he was a bit inebriated and almost caused me to fall in the pool that leads to the grotto (where jerpies and instant pregnancy occur) so he was a no no but then this awesome athlete (no names yo) came up and started talking to me...i mentioned where i was from and since he's from around the same area (shout out to the midwest again!) he gave me the lovely nickname "hometown" and has vowed to help me with my career. introductions work for me!!!

i felt pretty good about my networking abilities at that point. i'm including some photos of me and some folks, one was a sweetheart playboy bunny/painted chick that pulled me aside to tell me i was pretty : ) when a girl who's so perfect she can be painted tells ya you're swell it makes ya glow a bit...la has definitely gotten to me lol

all in all it was a blast...met a lot of phenomenal athletes (espy's remember) and hung with some great gals. i felt like the naughty cinderella in the room lol. at the stroke of midnight we left (seriously did) and that was that. no hugh...kendra (the sporty girlfriend was there) but that was it.

the end : )

vip bracelets were our friend

one of the bunnies...i had to airbrush a bit...

c & b

the outside of the grotto...

THE marcus allen! go chiefs!

the closest these two ladies would get to the grotto's water

blue gals in the blue vip

even the zoo animals get frisky

more pics to come!!!


  1. Wow-what craziness! Glad you guys had a fun and productive evening. You looked lovely!!

  2. Have I ever told you how jealous I am... this is so awesome, I am glad you had a great time, can't wait to see more pic's!

  3. Girl, you DID look beautiful! It's no wonder the playmates were coming up to you. ;)

    Seriously, so exciting!!!

  4. Michael Vartan??? That dude used to make me drool.

    And you look beauteous....way better unpainted! :)

  5. I'm just now reading this but HOW EXCITING!?! Ditto-- you looked GREAT!


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