creativity manifested

What a wonderful weekend I woke up to this morning (yes I include Friday morning…It’s the only work day I enjoy) I woke at 5 a.m. so that I could make it to work by 6…gotta leave heck-o early so I can catch the shuttle to Burbank airport later. It’s time to visit the Sacramento family and catch up with good friends.

I just love this couple I’m visiting. They’re always up for a fun time and they’re just interesting as all get out. I love well-rounded folks that can shoot the ish about politics and then discuss how whack flavor flav really is. PLUS they’re so not that annoying married couple that is either a.) always trying to find your soul mate for you or b.) bragging about how swell marriage is in a way that makes you feel like a silly arse. All my true friends that are married are this way (I think it’s a requirement I unconsciously looked for when I was young and choosing friends) but it still feels good to point their great qualities out.

They recently celebrated their 3 year anniversary so me being the chick that loves to give a good gift I researched what you get for a third year and found a goody.

Just in case the heifa reads my blog today I can’t divulge that privy information but it’s good. : ) I patted myself on the back for that one. I’ll be walking on the plane with a big pretty blue bag…That’s the only hint she gets!!!

We plan to hit an art fair tomorrow which always makes for a Tish-tastic weekend. Creativity manifested…ahhh I love it.

So yeah… it may take a bit of coffee today to keep away the zzz’s but it’s worth it. I heart traveling, friends, art and life in general. When you take the time to celebrate what you DO have in your life as opposed to what may be missing things just start to flow.

Time to flow into work ; )


  1. dang dont worry bout her
    and dont see u buy no more what gives
    where is the love


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