breath in...breath out

breath in...

breath out...

take the pill...

and peace.

i actually had to take a chill pill at the job today. i owe it all to this weird karma thing i've been going thru for a couple of years now. if i give advice i have no earthly right to give i have to pay for it some how...if i give some one certain relationship advice, i have to then go thru that situation personally.

someone at work confides in me that the job is too much...that they need a chill pill to help the day work...guess what happens? i get the job i currently have and hello, welcome to the land of chill. my mother would be so proud of me : )

let me back up a bit. so the good ole j.o.b. is great for literary comparisons. i look at the book atlas shrugged: a book based on the notion of the common and why they should work, how a boss should honor that and a good business runs a business and how one work ethic based off of lazy good for nothings crashes and burns. my job defininitely draws comparisons to the hell ayn rand's writes about and today was just bad boo boo.

without boring you or bitching about something ya really don't give a hoot about i'll say i was pushed up against the crazy wall and i started bawling ridiculously at work...not from sadness or wimpiness but out of pure exhausted frustration and confusion...helplessness. i could see that i had something to look forward to...i'm searching for a better 9 to 5 and that's great news...(i try not to complain unless i have action to sugar coat it) but the whole exhausted thing sent me flying over the coo coo nest anyways.

i'm fine now. as soon as tomorrow's morning is over and done with i'm good for a while (i hope).

on to better, more random things! my car was seriously turning hoopty mobile on me. the headlining started falling apart and swoopin' down on top of my head. i'd be driving with the windows down and almost pass out from fright thinking someone was patting me on the head...cuz you never know--a mass murderer/rapist might just want to pet my curls before cutting me...ya never know!

d hooked me up with this great dude that is heck-o-cheap and did it in a day's time! now THAT'S what i'm talking about! even washed the dang thing inside and out. almost brought a tear to my eye..especially since i haven't washed the beast in months...i kid you not...months. it was 3 eyebrow wax appointments ago...maybe 4. there's just something about a clean car...oil's been changed, tires plumped, cleaned and waxed...sigh. i just feel better about life for some reason. i've decided when i win the $250,000 that i know is coming my way i won't buy a new car until kzx falls apart on me worse than a lauryn hill breakdown.

that's all i have for today folks. chill pills prohibit deep and angst ridden thoughts that lead to witty, clever and sometimes funny posts. i'm just a boring chick tonight, searching for jobs, doing some laundry and possibly reading something...

and breath out.


  1. Oh girl. I know today was rough. I always get the most upset when I'm frustrated/confused/overwhelmed. And really, how are you supposed to do all that they're asking you to? Poop on them.

    You're on to bigger and better things...

  2. Man, it would be nice if we all didn't have to work. I feel ya! Hang in there!

    I can't believe you still have that same car... :)


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