a beach bum for the weekend


i just had the BEST 4th of july weekend ever. i don't think i ever really knew just how crazy beach living was...i needed a totally wicked cool cousin to show me the good life lol.

so cold and all i packed up my little suitcase and headed for the beach on thursday evening. i had this buzz of good energy the whole way down...obviously a bit of foreshadowing for the weekend to come. my cuz shell is the best free spirit. she's so chill and fun so of course we hugged and all that, then immediately headed for the liquor store lol. picked up some stuff and then headed back to her house for a party that lasted until 5 in the flippin morning...i haven't done that ish since a couple of vegas trips ago. it was madness but so much fun. we woke up 4th of july morning with just a minor hang over, had bananas and toast and then grabbed bikes (shell let me ride her green kiwi bike--utter joy for me) and headed down to newport for endless parties that seriously were like mardi gras with bikinis. even better...i fit into shelly's dang skimpy shorts...for anyone that knows my darling cousin she's a flippin size zero... incentive for more working out!

so the bike ride down was hilarious. all of shell's gang are beach bums so they're used to riding bikes and skateboards...they all bodies like gods so they were taking the hills and so forth like G's but i was huffin and puffin lol...blamed the cold but deep down i knew better. 8 miles later we reached newport and partied like it was 1999...the house we were at had a dj spinnin common and other yummy hip hop, there was a sushi bar with this dude created yummy crap that had me grubbin like i dont even know what. i had this sushi cocktail thing with squid and ginger and seawood that was so yummy i think my eyes rolled back at one point. we met some hilariously wasted folks that made for good stories later and i even found a twin in the midst of a thousand skinny arse tanned chicks with juicy on the butt bikinis. (pictures will follow as soon as i talk to shell's friend who was snappin for us that day)

we stayed for 5 or so hours and then headed back to huntington to shell's lovely abode by the ocean for some more drinking and grubbin by a campfire...i smelled like fire...i love that smell. watched dave chappell and called it a night.

yesterday we layed out, enjoyed the ocean breeze...i was loving my life. i love the feeling of being free and up for whatever. as i sat there in the sun i realized i love the beach, i love how chill it all is but it's not for me lol. i realize now more than ever that it's a vacation thing...a place for escape but i would never get anything done...never keep my identity in a place so fluid...something about being that close to the ocean maybe lol...the ocean beckons for folks to be more like it...

i will definitely be spending more time with the cousin-inator but i was happy this morning driving up the 405 and seeing the getty to my left, my cute little neighborhood and even my desk stacked with my responsibilities left behind last thursday.

nothing like a great weekend that just confirms you've created a life that is comfortable and right for you.

self bliss.


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