another day, another star pad

lol...if you only knew how dear my little dream is to me.

it gets me through the tough moments of life that make you wanna run to a corner and suck your thumb and that's just swell.

did i mention that i hate my 9 to 5? it sucks every last bit of energy out of me and currently has me working 12 hour time for auditions (if my agent was actually sending them) time for thought processes or fun...i've been working long days and i have been waiting for the day when my bosses would acknowledge all my hard work and compensate me in a way that would shush all my grumblings for at least a month or in my staff meeting i received a star post it pad.




when this kind of stuff happens i have to wrap my dream around me as tight as i can and remember that all of this will make for good "true hollywood story" material some day (my best friend is always reminding me of this.)

so although my body aches and i wanna cry because of all the shady things circulating i still keep hope alive that this too shall pass.

black film festival events begin this weekend for me. i just found out an hour or so ago that, sick and all, i have to meet the crew on saturday for an all day (11am-5pm) festival preparation meeting. i'm actually excited. it's not really work when you love it. again...hope. i HOPE something great comes happens soon. i'm documenting all of this so that one day (soon) i can look back with some perspective (j thought!) and remember what it took to get the dream.

hope keeps all of this going. without it i think my spirit would break every time my 5am alarm goes off...

i love it when my dream saves me.

p.s. i am officially on imdb now!!! pics will appear in the next 72 hours...booya!


  1. you just hold on tishee. you have the right idea. it's all gonna make a great story soon enough my love.

    and i shall looketh for you on imdb!

  2. such dreams have the making of a reality show

  3. Your pic is up and it looks fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so proud. I'm beaming like a...

    wait for it...

    STAR! Oh the irony.

  4.'re a goof girl. damn star...the lyrics i sent you from slum village's "tainted" song are still dancing around in my head.

    interesting suggestion torrance...hmmm

  5. wow! I know someone on IMDB! So PROUD!


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