3 years in la!

Today marks my third year in Los Angeles. How crazy is that?!?!

I’m kinda thankful for anniversaries. Having mile markers help me step back and see where I’ve been and how far I’ve come. I’ve been getting questions a lot about acting “how’s it going? Have you been in anything yet?” and it’s really forced me to keep the fire inside of me churning…may have caused immense heart burn but I can roll with the side effects.

Three years ago I was driving on the freeways of California, garden state soundtrack (last track) blaring on my radio wondering what the heck I had gotten myself into.

I was so young and clueless. Although it’s been challenging as heck out here I feel I’m starting to find my groove and hopefully this year’s goals work out. I want to get through that dang door by year’s end. I want that contract that says you’ve made it.

In three years I’ve learned I’ve got guts. I’ve learned my dream really is acting or bust. I’ve learned that no dream can be chased alone—friends are my life force. I’ve learned in three years that this road has no frickin map AT ALL. I’ve learned that you definitely can’t trust a whole lot of people out here but there is a someone who has the golden ticket…if I can just find him or her! I’ve learned dating distracts me lol that I need acting classes lol and that kiwi power is still in me!

My hopes for the next year? I hope I have learned about myself well enough to remain strong, wise and firm in my life intentions, that i’m able to approach my dream with humility and confidence and appreciate the heck out of it because I’ve finally accepted my uncharted map to get there. Three years later I’m still learning and definitely still dreaming!

first day in los angeles...kansas girl in overalls and pigtails...can i be any more sweet and innocent?

the goal...the oscar, not john stewart ; )


  1. Okay, you get Oscar, I get Jon Stewart. Hehe.

    Wow...three years though. That's crazy. Look how far you've come. Tishy deserves a golden ticket!!!

    p.s. I'm still happy I got you that close to the Grand Canyon. :)


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