so my agent called me in hysterics...

a great big swell beer company saw my cute little profile and decided they wanted me to do their next campaign. only problem...i have to bring my passport to them tomorrow morning so that they can buy my ticket to mexico city the same day.

i don't have a passport. tried to get one months ago but my mom was stallin' on finding my birth certificate and silly tishy forgot about it.

so no big modeling job. no traveling. no ginormous amout of cash. no experience that i desperately needed.

is anyone else hurting as bad as i am right now? this is worse than a break up. i'm not moving from my bed this whole weekend. sigh...

why does it never work out?


  1. Oh honey...I guess it just wasn't meant to be. I feel like the universe is fighting us lately...

    but maybe it's trying to save you from a charlotte episode in Mexico!

  2. I'm so so sorry, Tish! I know there will be a next time and will cross my fingers that it's soon!

  3. babe, that blows. but, the fact that people like you means that you have positive vibes out there attached to you and your aura and now everyone's going to start calling.


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