weekend of wonderful

I have to say last weekend tops the list for fun-filled extravaganzas. Things actually started off rocky Friday afternoon after my salon chick raped my head and left me with short hair…once again. I had to have a moment of angry silence.

Why is it that when I want the woman to chop me she cuts half an inch…and when I say I’m actually digging long hair she gets scissor happy? Is it that hot outside? Was she empathizing with me to the point where she just couldn’t take the hot mess on my head? I know not but I def won’t need a hair cut for a year or so…grrr

Cha cha cha chia!

I was able to switch up the gnarly attitude though. Friday night my roommate was celebrating her birfday at a spa down off of los feliz and we had a zen-rockin’ good time. I got a massage that left me feelin’ better than the Buddha and then after that we floated on over to a bar across the street that served a mean girl scout cookie thin mint martini and roasted marshmallow martini…I got freebie drinks because I manned up and got rid of a beetle bug that had the girls in a frenzy so it was a pretty funtabulous night.

And it just kept gettin’ better. Saturday I went to that movie in the cemetery thing I mentioned before and had a blast with my girl e and her buds from work. we had a cute picnic, played some uno, drank a couple or more bottles of wine lol…I have to say as soon as the sun went down it got pretty dang close to perfection…at one point I sat there looking up at the stars between the palm trees and thought to myself, “this is what heaven is made of”. It was the perfect night…I’ve never felt so happy being young single and free.

Sunday me and the don hung out…went shopping in camarillo. I finally have new running shoes and work out clothes! I start back in the gym tomorrow…I miss running. It was a HUGE part of my life for years…time to get back my door to sanity.

All in all I felt ok coming back to work today. I felt like I got the most out of my weekend…can’t ask for anything more.

Tonight I’m going to a meeting to be a volunteer for the black film festival that will be here come August. Crazy that there are so many hoops to jump thru but my calendars lookin sparce lol…I’ve got the time. Hopefully I can make some great connections in the industry by doing this : )

Happy Monday!


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