and she returns...

it's been a while (at least according to t standards) since i last wrote but i'm still so full of 'home' i just don't know where to begin.

i definitely had a great time. i mean my time was filled with grams, nieces and nephews, godchildren, moms and dads, best friends and places that still have the ability to haunt me with old butterflies. (i was proposed to here, walked thru the park there, figured out why my best friend is my best friend there...) i kept having moment after moment. if i wouldn't have been so happy to see it all and consume every bit of it i probably would have bawled like a baby.

it's great having tangible places that produce instant history. it's a bit dangerous though which is why i haven't written about it all until now. my mom and i had a great conversation about balancing the beautiful task of honoring and remembering your past while still embracing the act of being present in the now and anticipating the stuff ahead.

i used to resent the fact that i had to move and uproot my life but i've learned to approach it in a more humble and open way. everything happens for a reason they say...moving has taught me to love every minute i get with my fam and friends. life's better when you just accept that life is as life should be :)


  1. I live here, and I feel the same way about getting the most out of each moment.

    Good pics, chick. :) It was great to have you home.

  2. sister u cant bowl so stop fronting - LOL

    but uprooting dont mean your roots go with u its good to go back period and your smile shows it

  3. Your pic of the open road seriously gave me a homesick pang. Glad you had a great trip! I have to wait until July...


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