becoming more than you are


there's nothing i crave more than my quiet times with me, myself and i.

miles' "kind of blue" plays on my radio in the bathroom, soy chocolate milk in hand and one of my favorite reads (my o magazine) are creating a cocktail of tishy love tonight i tell ya! some nights i'm just bad as i wanna be.

this kinda night was needed...

once again i caught myself checking all came to a head this morning when i realized i was so busy at work i had forgotten to eat breakfast. um...i never forget to eat. in fact i always scratch my head and secretly affirm that women who say such nonsense are fibbin fools but low and behold i fibbin fool here!

at that point in time i decided i would finish work and go straight home, straight to my bedroom, straight to my couch to curl up with some good reading and just melt into me and that's just what i've been doing. i read some interesting stuff i had to break and share.

so the idea of becoming more than what you currently are: how lovely and rich is that?! my gram quoted a taoist in her daily email this morning, "when the shoe fits we forget about the feet". the woman just jabs me with bits of wisdom each day! having a little discomfort in our lives does keep us focused on the important things that matter most (which is what i took from that quote)...and in the process (if we're lucky) we grow...becoming more than we were before. that's a beautiful thought.

all my trials and tribulations have a grand consistent teachers if you will. all these little lessons that pop up rescue me in the most bittersweet kind of ways...

i'm dealing with raging emotions, a rain-checked date and a nagging fear that the new duvet i've ordered isn't gonna allow me to stuff it with my current comforter. these things normally, while possibly small potatoes to some of you, would leave me ranting like a banshee but something about learning something new from a book and the feeling that miles' is blowing that horn just for me keeps the blues at bay.

who knows how the weekend will's starting out pretty darn interesting.


  1. I may have to take your word for the eating-forgettage.

    Im still a skeptic :)

    have a good interesting filled it *great* insights weekend,


  2. Girl, I love that painting. Who's it by?!

  3. kerry james marshall...i love him


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