so i had my interview a bit ago with the folks from the abff and i think it went really well. the director kept zoning in on me the whole time he was giving his spiel about the festival and what it would entail for a volunteer such as myself...if i made the cut and then he called on me (how did i know that was coming) but i answered well and then when we had our 1:1 time the dude totally cut to the chase. he asked me about acting and how i felt about working at an insurance company to pay the bills...when i blurted out i hated he took some time and then asked me when my last acting job was.

thank you GOD for my last job last week. it felt good to say "last monday i did this and this"...he seemed pleased with my answer, said he could tell immediately i wasn't from la (i'm taking that as a compliment) and that he was really excited to work with me and get me to realize my full potential and help me network. i sat there patiently nodding and smiling but my insides were screaming hallelujah lol...his right hand woman was behind him agreeing with the bit so hopefully he means what he says and just isn't trying to gas me up so i work like kunta for him come festival time :)

you know it's good to encounter people that see that something in you...especially in my line of work. i might be running around like a crazy woman...bumping into ex boyfriends and such that i know will be there to actually attend the darn thing (not necessarily working it like me) but i don't care. like i told the director and his assistant i'm coming to this project with the utmost of humility. i want to learn the industry...figure out how to work all of this crazy jigsaw until my pieces start to fit and i create a pretty picture all my own : )

you know i don't mind all this...working hard towards my dreams doesn't feel like work at all. i'm gonna make it and all of this hard stuff will just make my story all the more interesting.


i just watched the bachelorette (could not help myself...) and once again i've had my crack fix. that show is seriously addicting as heck. i think she's the frickin smartest bachelorette in the world...she makes some hard decisions that embarrassingly enough left me in tears tonight but man can she make the right decisions for herself...it's uncanny.


  1. I'm excited for you. Each little thing gets you closer and closer.

    Isn't it funny that working hard doesn't feel like that much like "work" when you love it? I can understand that...


  2. lets all pray it well
    and never seen that show

  3. Hey---I googled ABFF and your blog came up :) anyways, I will be volunteering this year as well :)


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