when a shero returns

forgive me for my walk down memory lane but i loved to read as a kid. next to watching movies, it was the bestest thing in the whole wide world.

recently i came across the movie " anne of green gables" in my netflix recommendations and i about had a fit of glee. the frickin movie was a HUGE thing for me as a kid. i got all the books one summer and devoured them. anne with an e was my all time shero. i loved her imagination, her gumption and definitely her noggin. she was smart and opinionated and i wanted to be just like her when i grew up. my love ran deep so you can imagine the tears i just shed re-watching this flick tonight. i don't even know how to describe how much those books meant to me. no matter where i went or what i did i would take the idea of anne with me. she was this amazing girl.

it reminded me of the kid i used to be. beyond the definition of a pisces, i rocked the imagination factor and had these amazing goals completely void of shallow girlie aspirations (i.e. being a cheesy princess who never in a million years could win a scholarship to college). looking back it was magic and it's helped me to put the present into some much needed focus. heck, i still want to be like anne.

the woman was forever the student, a loyal friend, charismatic (she had the ability to turn even the hardest hearts soft) and more importantly successful. whatever she put her mind to she did. she gave me the most amazing stories. i loved that summer of reading and i love that girl i was.

i've been in a funk that just wouldn't make sense to the girl i was. i basically bought in to the typical girlie aspirations i never cared for back in the day. it seriously blows my mind that something that once consumed my thoughts seems suddenly so silly and trite.

with that being said it's time to be an even better friend to those in my life. it's time to pick back up some books and remember that feeding my imagination is necessary for a fish like me and most importantly remember the little girl who loved to sit in her backyard playhouse her daddy built and read her books. it's time to stick to that little girl's motto that anything's possible once you put your mind to it.

when a shero returns all is right with the world.


  1. God books are great.

    You're my shero. :)

  2. Great post, Tishy. You're always so profound. :) I'm glad you've rediscovered your shero!


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