save the popcorn for a bit

Not quite yet folks...

So I had a couple more readings (one more to go) and it turns out we're reading the scripts for three folks that won some screen writing competition...while it ain't ever over until the big boned lady sings this isn't a project that will lead to me kissing the grounds of my first movie set any time soon.

i was a bit sad once i figured out what was going down and honestly, going to this studio's office building, sitting in one of the table rooms with a bunch of other actors was the coolest thing ever! it's a blast sitting up in there and having fun with characters. we get to see creative minds working out things and hear their stories of how they got this far and all that jazz.

a sign's a sign, right?

one of the actors in the room said you're not supposed to tell people when you have an's supposed to be bad luck. i wonder if me blogging to the masses is a boo boo lol...i just can't help it though. i get so excited!

so yeah. don't pop the popcorn just yet. i'm meeting some interestingly cool people in the biz. this is only the beginning. : )


  1. Really? You're not supposed to tell anyone...hmm...well its worth trying, I guess. The suspense though! lol. I'll always suspect you're on an audition when you don't e-mail me by 9:30 am. :)

  2. yeah i won't be able to do it lol


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