the prodigal daughter returns


I know I shouldn’t label things perfect but, mishaps included, my time away from la is heaven…especially when the time away involves a certain red headed best friend, mo (the mom) and the rest of my family and friends that I anticipate stalking the minute I get home.


Funny that I’ve lived in los angeles for almost three years now (!!!) and still refer to the Midwest as home. I think it’s less to do with geography and more to do with the way I feel when I’m around the people that know me best. My crowning moments all happened back there and I’ve become quite the nostalgic ninny.

Yesterday the affects of perfection hit me. I’ve been playing positive Pollyanna for a couple of days now…helping a friend at work reconnect with her husband of 20 years (I played a Cyrano de Bergerac of sorts) she came in today beaming…I haven’t seen the woman smile like that in years. I treated myself to a date last night that has one of my guy friends thinking I’ve finally lost it and I accepted another date (not with myself this time) with an interesting guy I met over the weekend.

I don’t know…it just seems like when something perfect comes along its good stuff just bleeds out onto everything around you.

Once I land i’m never gonna stop. I’m seeing college buds, best buds, one of my sisters, my great grandmothers (yes that’s plural), my grammie and a whole slew of other folks that I love dearly. i’m bringing home b so she’s gonna join me and my girl j down on the plaza for some sx and the city watching. I’m having lunch with my favorite little godchildren and then I’m heading to Springfield to hang with the parents…get some grillin in…brisket, veggies and pie oh my! And just exist in the only kind of perfection I’ve ever known and loved.

I don’t know why but this is the trip that feels most like the prodigal daughter coming home. I’ve made some interesting boo boo’s out here in la…dealt with some nasty harshness and come out on top, a little stronger and wiser but I still feel like I need to go home and wash it all off—stand before my friends and family completely stripped of the city and see if they still believe I’ve got this (this being the chops to stay on the path I’ve chosen in life).

It’s time to go home…


  1. I'm so sorry I didn't get to see you today!!! I hope you have a wonderful visit and a wonderful time with Vikkie tonight!


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