new approach

it's a day of new approaches...

i have a work shop/auditioning opportunity today at 2pm and instead of going thru the head games--getting nervous and cerebral--i'm trying something new. i'm just gonna go in fresh. i only read over the script a couple of times. i'm not worried about memorizing the dang thing--it's a reading. i'm reading it dang it! and yeah...i feel good.

i went to pasadena this morning for my monthly zen period with soneida, came home, watched some oprah and ugly better (estrogen is yummy) and now i'm blogging...i'll leave in about 45 minutes or so. just chillin...that's a new approach too.

i had a moment last night. i've been fighting being sick all week. the stuff was breaking my body down so much it started making me weak minded...i was gettin' sappy and emotional...feeling i should be singing "all by myself" or i took myself to the ER to get some meds and kill the ish. i sat across from this hilarious situation (aka woman). she goes up to the window and tells the nurse, "i am having sweats, bouts of dizziness, my side is paralyzed, i can barely speak (although she's articulating all of her symptoms quite nicely) and this is an urgent matter. someone needs to see me right away before i have a heart attack". she then sits down, calmly calls her husband and starts to tell him that she hates these "effers" (i'm rephrasing for the innocent ones) and starts discussing some bbq. lol...

i type all of that to point out that people make big deals out of the everything and create drama for no reason at all. if the woman was really all there she would have realized she was fine and NOT having a heart attack because no sickly person would be able to function quite like she was able to lol. sigh...i started laughing at myself...i don't have it so bad. our teachers come in all different shapes and sizes..even in crack heads have lesson plans for us.

so yeah a weekend built around a chill mind. i plan to go to this work shop, hang with b for the beginning of her birthday extravaganza and continue memorizing lines for class on tuesday. (yes i'm still at 'em)'s chill time.


  1. Crackheads as teachers. LOL.

    I see that you got your subscribe feed thingie working! YAY!


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