i saw the sign

i saw the sign and it opened up my eyes i saw the sign...

isn't it a catchy tune? happens to be the current song stuck in my noggin which is fitting considering i just got a big ole sign to stick with the acting thing for a little while longer.

so i mentioned i had written a couple of folks and asked them about theater gigs and so forth. well one of the guys i wrote is a director out here in la la land. he just happened to write me back.

i woke up this morning, a bit groggy, turned on the tv and watched a bit of the dog whisperer (love it!) and decided i'd check my myspace to see if there were any signs of life out there. i popped open my messages and wigged the heck out. basically a guy friend/writer asked if i could get my ish together asap and meet him down at a film studio place because he was casting for a film. (8:45 a.m.) at 8:46 a.m. i was talking to him on the phone saying when and what time. by 8:50 a.m. i was out the door and in my car truckin it down the 101 :)

so i get there and flubbed the first reading i did...it was really physical and i was wiggin out but he let me go out and read for another part and i worked that mess and he told me to come back and stay all day monday reading :) this is my first. i have no idea what to expect...what this means...any of that mess but man it felt good to hear "see you again". ahhhh....

i don't want to give any spoilers right now but i'd play someone completely out of character for me. i was really trying to get in her mind and be her (based off of 10 minutes of studying my lines)...kept thinking of young boys that i could think of in a maternal way...turns out i thought of an ex that i always felt i had to protect and shaky tears started flowing...basically all that to say i'm exhausted from all the emotions i conjured up this morning.

this is crazy awesome! my sign came :) i'm thankful, i'm thankful, i'm thankful! i don't know what to say or how to act right now. i just know i want to work hard and i want to be so good that i do this opportunity the justice it deserves!

watch out for those signs! they pop out pretty darn quick sometimes.


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