"fren" (fruit men)

If I picked fruit like I picked men…I’d be a sick sick puppy.
It’d be like me going for the banana that’s half brown thinking I could save the poor thing. I’d embrace the mentality that I’m up for the challenge of dealing with an experienced shelfer.
Or pick the hard as a rock mango because I figure if I keep it around long enough it’ll soften up.
Don’t you just love analogies?
Back to men as men, not fruit: I realize I’ve gotten lucky quite a few times. My stubborn and some times cowardly moves have kept me out of the clutches of some serial cheaters, liars, Debbie downers, secret baby daddies and the slow kind of commitment phobes that don’t enlighten you with their true selves until you’re chillin at their door ready to move in.
But I can’t stay lucky forever. I think it’s time to start pickin fruit the right way. No more belly aches or sour faces. : )
After reading a cnn headline ‘woman is killed for being single’ a gal starts to ponder man…


  1. Fren...I think this will catch on. Bigger than ish! :)


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