i asked for some direction and by george i got it ;)

so after work i plopped down at my dining room table and started piecing together this photography project i've been working on for a couple of weeks for b's birthday (i took the gift to her a bit ago so don't worry about the jig being up). the minute i started putting my creativity to use my brain started functioning--things just became clear and now i know what i have to do.

so i'm not taking the class that i've been preparing for for almost a month now. yeah i know...but i don't regret the process i went thru. that monologue is incredible and i'm sure i'll use it sooner or later for something but i just didn't feel right about the situation. the only reason i wanted to take the class was to see if a director would swing by and see me at work but the odds of that aren't so good. acting classes do nothing but strip me of my confidence and frankly at this point, that's all i have so i need to stop trippin.

i've decided i'm gonna save my money. stick to workshops occasionally, try to find a manager (i've got a lead) and i'm going to write a friend of mine who's a professor in the film program at usc. i'm hoping he has some insights on some theater houses i can look into auditioning for. if i'm trying to find directors i have to start thinking like them, right?...why not pick one's brain for awhile :)

so yeah. i'm really feeling good about this. it's something...i needed a something.

i just couldn't handle doing nothing and feeling like nothing at the same time. that mentality infects every aspect of my life. the minute i used my own hands and brains to create something i knew i had to start looking within for the answers instead of depending on folks to tell me...even if they've made it and are considerable experts in the game. i need to find my own path.

so now begins a new page. i may be down but i'm far from out!


  1. Fantastic new plan. Sounds much more enriching and assertive then paying someone to beat you down in acting class, right?! :)

  2. I'm excited for you! Sounds like beating your own path while saving your money is a great idea!


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