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When one writes a blog they must first ask the all-important question, “what will be the purpose of this darn thing?”.

My purpose all along was to report back to middle earth and give my darling friends the 411 on life out in la la land.

While I’ve stuck to this nicely, reporting almost daily, I’ve felt guilty. An average joe’s life can get quite boring and tedious. The average struggling actress’ life can get quite depressing and morose. Even worse when I learn to creatively write about all of these boo boo emotions…like that makes it more enjoyable to read.

With that being said, I’m taking a break on reporting the mundane. (I got up. I went to work, I spoke to my agent, blah blah blah).

Instead I’ll tell you about a little thing I play called the ‘dictionary game’. It’s snazzy good fun. Basically when I’m feeling like I need answers and/or entertainment because I’ve shacked up and married boredom I break open the dictionary and while I’m blindly thumbing the pages I think of something I need defined whether it be my acting career in 2008 (I pointed to the word ‘evening’—the latter part of the day and early part of the night) or my dating life (‘late’—occurring, coming or being after the usual proper time). lol…it all makes perfect sense and keeps me giggling or groaning for hours. I mean analyzing the words you pick up is fantastic…basically my acting career will shake up in a good way come the end of ’08 and I shouldn’t hold my breath waiting on dating to pick up or get interesting for quite some time.

It’s totally trippy. Once when I asked the all-knowing dictionary to define me (this was pre-los angeles) I picked the word ‘la la land’. I kid you not. it’s uncanny I say!

Between that and tape recording friends’ conversations and then playing them back in chipmunk voices I guess you could say I’m a little off but that’s what makes reading this darn thing ok, right?!



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