a day in the park

today was the perfect kind of day. for some reason i'd rather not worry about my acting career. i could care less about my cube and day job. the only thing that went thru my head this morning was a nagging need for coffee (which i promptly made) and some sex and the city watching. with the movie coming out next friday it's fun to revisit those lovely story lines and sit with some of the best cheeky writing ever before written for a show.

sometimes a gal just needs a little indulgence what can i say. two episodes did the trick and then i was off to the next spoil of the day...reading :)

it felt good to see the sun (it's been hiding for days), roll the windows down in the good ole car and drive down ventura in search of a barnes and noble. i got the last copy of _pillars of the earth_ and set out for the good town of burbank to read and relax. a couple of months ago i stumbled upon this enchanting little park so i went, put down a little blanket, read for a couple of hours and took some pics in between. it was really nice. if i wasn't such a spaz about someone jackin' my ish i would have napped it felt so good out there.

it was peaceful and sweet. hardly anyone was around...a couple of dog walkers from time to time and two odd boys setting up to play a very short field game of soccer (?). i just sat and smiled, smiled and sat, read to my little heart's content, legs crossed in the air, flamingo pink socks blaring--not a care in the world.

at one point of the book i started bawling my eyes out and since tissue was sadly left off my list of stuff to bring i decided it was time to pack up and go. i had about 4 hours of bliss...that's my kinda day.

i can't tell you the last time i faded away in a book...even more faint is the memory of me just chillin in nature without a care in the world.

moments like that are good for a consistent worry wart. i have a clear head and an insatiable appetite to devour this dang book i've picked up. now that i'm home thoughts of tomorrow are starting to pop up but hopefully not for long. i plan to watch some 80's movie my roommate promises will be a hoot and pour a glass of wine. this has been one of the best days this year my friends. just what the sanity doctor ordered. if a gal needs to get away from the hustle and flow of zombie life, a day in the park is definitely the right ticket to grab!


  1. The pics are beautiful darling. Sounds like a delicious kind of day.


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