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ahhhh....it's coming back. i can feel it. i lost it for a long time but i can feel it building back up.

i'm talking about that feeling i've always had since i was a kid that i'm on the right path. that making films is for me and i'm for making films. i just thought i'd share. :)

i've said in the past that movies are my fuel and it's true but tom cruise's interview on oprah was inspirational. (yes i said it. his pr folks did a fantastic job of keeping him calmly planted on the couch.) the man is celebrating 25 years in the business and therefore had actors from past films congratulating him and discussing the 'magic' that he brings to movies...how great he is to work with...how polite he is to everyone (as it frickin should be). i like hearing about folks that do what i do well and never forget how lucky they are...the WORST thing in the world is to hear about a diva or divo on set. even worse hearing someone ask me why i'm 'really' trying to go into acting "come on it's for the money and fame, right?".

last night i sat and prayed and asked for some kind of sign that i'm on the right path...that i'm not blind and stubborn and i'm still doing what i was meant to do and then i watched lars and the real girl and watched ryan gosling create magic on screen. i was so drawn to him...his acting was amazing. and there you have it. i think you're supposed to do the one thing in life that makes your heart skip a beat.
nothing else has ever been able to do that for me. i've encountered people doing really cool jobs that they love that are cool as heck but nothing ever sings quite as sweet.

i wrote some folks that i think will be able to give me some advice about theater and today after a momma's day brunch with my play mom (b's mommy) i plan to pick up some sides for a soap...yes you heard me right my friends (well sort of) i'm reading for a casting director at the young and the restless. (if i'm gonna be on the soap i want to speak i say!) and now i'll get to read lines that haven't been done before. i hate going into a reading and i'm reading lines that are from some insanely popular new sitcom...everyone knows the character and therefore tells me i'm doing it wrong...because i don't read it like a blonde?

it's new! new material yo! always better when someone has a character that needs life, more specifically your life. (wink)


  1. When it rains, it pours. :)

  2. Thanks for the Lars and the Real Girl shout. I loved that movie and thought Ryan Gosling was amazing, but I heard SO LITTLE about it. R.Gos rocks.


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