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I don’t know where to begin on describing my new york trip over the weekend. I don’t even have the correct words to describe the amount of fun and joy that seriously covered every moment while I was there.

I landed in new york Friday morning after spending all night on planes just to be greeted by tc’s massively long hug. at that moment I knew the trip was gonna change me.

We walked and saw so much…the last time I went to ny I was so overwhelmed by the sheer size of the place…I never really felt like I saw the human side of the city. This time I was with a semi-native son so I felt like I saw the city from the eyes of those that walk its streets every day. gotta love the backstreets and local hang outs that really exemplify real living. Plus we went to the Guggenheim and hung on the stoop that Langston Hughes used to call his own. saw children enjoying the museums and listening to the artists’ descriptions and motives for their work…new Yorkers are just mad different and are knowledge sponges.

I’ll post some pictures of the places we visited (save your eyes from a thousand plus words) and stick to what was going thru my head the entire time.

Tc is an amazing man and it’s never been more fun just being with someone. We made up our own little language that had us cracking up the entire time…little quotes…little experiences that are so good you want to wrap them up and hold on to them…just to remember you actually have someone that can really see you…sees your humor, your beauty, your fatigue from walking lol…

I got to meet up with a college dear friend, mr corn minor, and we had an amazing Sunday brunch at a little quaint place in harlem called “kitchenette” (good irish oatmeal!) it was cool seeing two of my favorite guys chattin’ up, swapping stories about concerts in ny parks they had both attended. My mens can vibe together :)

We had a housewarming party on Saturday night that left me quite tipsy but I met a lot of his fellow lawyer buddies and even saw one of his frat brothers that I knew back from undergrad. It was just one of those great weekends…carefree…not a stress to ponder…living in the moment and enjoying the fact that every time you turn your head you’re seeing and experiencing something new and great.

The euphoria I’m experiencing is overwhelming right now…not good being I’m now back at work with a gang of stuff to do. Lol…

I don’t think this will be the end of tc and my adventures in new york…here we go!


  1. Here we go is right. That's quite the adventure, and I can't wait to see the pics. :)


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