The Sherman Oaks Times

Sherman Oaks, CA--early this morning tish heard a man shoot someone and then negotiate with a policeman not to jump off the roof of her building.

at approximately 4 am this morning i woke to the sounds of my fire alarm going off. i promptly put a pillow over my head and said i'd get up only if it stayed on for more than 5 goes off after about 30 seconds and i go back to sleep. 2 minutes later i hear a woman scream, a very loud crash and then a man screaming, followed by running.

i sat in bed frozen not knowing what to do. then i thought the crash was loud enough that it may have been coming from my roommate's bedroom. i got up and ran to her room and politely knocked (what the heck tish?!!! you're gonna knock and ask the bad man not to hurt your girl?) jenni opens her door and asks if i heard all that too. we open the window and can hear a cop talking to a man on our building. i guess kevin--the guy on the roof was hysterical because cops had laser pointers on him. he said that someone else had been hurt and he didn't have his gun anymore...(jenni and i are freaking by the way) the guy down below (vargas the negotiator--yes i know all their names now) kept telling him no one would hurt him...that a paramedic was on the way and that the police on the roof were just to protect him...kevin kept saying if they got any closer he'd jump...i start crying--i'm about to hear a man try to commit suicide...not cool for anyone.

the police ended up getting him off after about an hour...he would only let the paramedics help him and wanted to talk to his mother before he came down...he's 33.

after they got him down and yelled clear i have no idea what happened. no police came around to tell us what the hell was going on...they had to move a bunch of cars this morning to get the fire truck and ladder in so i wonder what the cars' owners will think this morning.

crazy times in sherman oaks. one of my girls here was correct...the hood is all of la. ALL of it!


  1. Holy freakin crap. I'm glad you're okay. You'll have to check the news for that ish and let us know what happened.

  2. dude, i haven't even read yet, but you're on blogger! i'll add you to my blogroller if you add me to yours :) love ya babycakes!

  3. um, yeah, just read that and feel totally like an ass for being so flip. hope you are okay... ah, urban living!

  4. lol you know i'm fine if the first thing i wanna do is blog about it!!!


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