the pregnant man

ok so i just caught the oprah about the pregnant man... i zoned in on my compassion for another person like never before.

so yes, a man is pregnant. he used to be a she and he describes the way he feels about gender, sexuality and so forth on the show and while it's not something traditional in the public sense i caught myself shaking my head yes over and over again.

"the gamut of human possibility"...he wrote that phrase in an 'the advocate' article. this isn't a time for's not our place. it isn't a time for hate spewing one saught YOU out to harm's time to listen to a new story...just listen and allow a story to resonate. listening won't turn you straight..mean you're gay, imply you're not a good trans-gendered human's just a time to listen and learn about someone's life-plain and simple...something new.

the man and his wife sat on oprah's couch holding hands and you could see that the man was really vulnerable, maybe a bit guarded--waiting for the opinions of the world at large (you can say world at large when you're getting your info from oprah) and i felt so sad for them because they really do seem like they love each other for all the reasons you're supposed to love another human being...sad that they have to experience the evil sides of people's fears in motion.

like thomas, i'm sitting--holding my breath...hoping that the world is able to embrace a new story about human possibility...our break from roles and our ability to be different and beautiful and new.

just thought i'd share. it's been a long time since i've connected to someone's story quite in that way.

p.s. i totally posted on oprah's web site. there's a lot of nastiness out there my friends... a lot!


  1. I need to watch that show this week (tonight is the KU game, of course). But from reading the comments on Oprah's forum, dang. You think that people could step outside of themselves for just a bit and imagine that there's no possible way this man could want his life and sexual identity to be so "confused" (per most people's standards). He just wants to be who he is.

    Kudos to you for joining the discussion. :)


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