pics from new york

better late than never. here are just some of the many pics taken while in new yawk. :)

drop me off in harlem

the city speaks

new york from the jersey perspective

langston gets respect


central park: God is here

beep beep

central park

african slaves' memorial site

it was all about the trees

there she be

bye new york


  1. I meant to comment earlier on how different photos look in black and white...they're all beautiful but the black and white ones really stand out. :)

  2. Great pics, Tish! Glad you had a good trip!! :)

  3. your New York pics are awesome. When I went to Jersey over Thanksgiving I only got to see Philly and New Jersey. Next time we go, he's taking me to New York!

  4. stand out kind of like me?...i'm black and white :) hee hee...


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