patch adams

a movie's message can resonate for years. take patch adams for example...a movie that teaches one to go into the hospital waiting room, red nose exposed...

yesterday i received some bummer news in regards to that lovely little lump fiasco i may have mentioned before. turns out the lump is minor...they're just gonna keep an eye on it for a couple of months but alas the ultrasound that was supposed to make me feel all relieved inside instead found a mass that made my doctor squirm a bit.

i have to have surgery so they can biopsy the blackness on the screen that they never quite explained to me. that's not the point of this blog though.

sitting on the bed with the ultrasound tech and doctor staring me down was a make or break situation. you either let the drama take you over or you take over the drama... obviously i had a teary moment but i knew walking out of there that my girl b would be waiting to hear the news and i didn't really feel like crashin the party over something we still didn't and don't know a whole lot about at this point so a couple of tears squeezed out and then it was patch time. ready set joke.

had to chuckle about the cruel irony associated with a skinny (pirate's delight) gal hearing the news that she has to have even more taken out of her top region...someone up there loves to laugh.

had to laugh when b asked if she should come in and sit with me during the ultrasound...i told her she's already kissed me. i think seeing me in all my glory was a little too fast for me...sugar lips was on the move!

medical diagnosis dimmed with dumb humor? check.

there's just something addicting about taking the power away from a doctor's not so great news and flippin the script.

according to my lovely book (_a new earth_) we have to always remember that life happens...what will be will be and that's that. yes all this mess is happening but it's just a small part of the tishy saga, no? i blogged. i got out any jitters i may have had left. now i'm good. ahhh, don't you just love a good write?!

in acting news: it's new book time..._the power of the actor_ : required reading for my new acting class. hopefully reading something new won't distract me from the good teachings of the cute little gnome (aka tolle). i'm gonna need to keep the peace for awhile.

15 days until new york and mr. crown ;)

that's all folks.


  1. We're so reading this book at the right time. I love you.

    p.s. Sugar lips moving in fast. LOL.

  2. So did they let you into the beginner class or do you still have to do the advanced one you were worried about?


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