not wiggin

d day is getting closer and closer and i'm calm as a cucumber right now...well besides the extra eating and sleeping a lot...hey we all handle bumps in our own way. seriously though, i'm not so worried about it like i was. i found out i get local anesthesia which is lovely and yeah...go team tish.

i have yet to pick up my monologue and start memorizing but i have been reading my book so i'm only half sabotaging my acting career.

this week is all about sticking to the practical chores that need to get done. new glasses, shopping for my trip to new york that's coming up quick, making sure i have stuff for when i'm chillin in bed...

boring, i admit, BUT i figured it was a good idea to let folks know i'm not wiggin. if i'm not wiggin, ya'll don't have to wig ; )

(where did that term come from by the way?)

luv & kiwi is in full force. i can feel it in my bones!


  1. verb ( wigged , wigging ) [ trans. ] Brit., informal dated
    rebuke (someone ) severely : I had often occasion to wig him for getting drunk.
    wig out -informal- become deliriously excited; go completely wild.
    ORIGIN early 19th cent.: apparently from wig, perhaps from bigwig and associated with a rebuke given by a person in authority.

    so sayeth the Oxford American Dictionary - been using it constantly for writing lately ;)


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